There have been radio ads promoting DIY Radon Test Kits. We get asked often about what the DIY results look like and why to use our Radon testing service.

Business owner, physician Aaron Bye, pills has attended classes on Radon through the University of Minnesota and passed tests to become NRPP Certified. Acer goes beyond a DIY test, in addition to the results we will help guide you on what action needs to be taken, if any. Acer will personalize the report based on the home and results of the test. In the event that mitigation is recommended we will help you find a qualified mitigation company.

Acer Home Inspections uses a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) giving us the ability to get results just 48 hours after the start of the test. With a DIY kit it can take between 7-14 days from the start of the test until you receive the results. To demonstrate the difference between our Radon testing service and a DIY kit below is our example started on January 29th.

January 29th  10pm

Both tests were started within 1 foot of each other in the basement.

CRM-The Continuous Radon Monitor will test for 48 hours and provide 49 data points.

DIY Kit-A 72 hour test that will be mailed in for lab analysis (72 hours is the minimum time allowed for accurate results on a DIY test)

Continuous Radon Monitor

Continuous Radon Monitor

Do It Yourself Kit

Do It Yourself Kit

January 30th

Both tests are in progress

January 31st

CRM- Test ended and results were retrieved and reported

DIY Kit- Still waiting for 72 hour minimum

CRM result pages side by side

These are the two main pages you get from Acer Home Inspections. The 1st page is a summary of the results and any action suggested customized for your home. The Second page is direct information from the test with a graph of the radon level each hour in your home.


February 1st

DIY kit- Test pouch was taken down, all needed times were recorded and mailed in.

February 2nd

DIY-Waiting for results

February 3rd

DIY-Waiting for results

February 4th

DIY-Waiting for results

February 5th

DIY-Wondering when I will get my results

February 6th

DIY-Starting to think they will never be done!

February 7th 4pm

DIY Kit- Test results were emailed

Bye 1-29-14Self

Page#1 gives you the average level of Radon for the duration of the test. Page #2 has general information on radon testing.


In conclusion both tests were performed in compliance with EPA standards and completed by a certified Radon professional. The measurement readings were within an acceptable margin of .1 pCi/L. The CRM gives us 49 data points while the DIY kit provides only one average number. Our CRM unit took just 48 hours to get the results. The DIY kit took 210 hours. Not all home inspectors use a CRM to conduct a Radon test but at Acer we feel time is important.



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