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Frequently Asked Questions


At Acer Home Inspections we provide a snapshot of the house the day it is inspected. Home inspections are a visual inspection providing clues to the problems that a house may have. Home inspectors are trained to look for small clues that can catch issues before they are a serious problem.  Every home will have issues and need attention.

What do our home inspection include?

A written report with photos emailed as a PDF
A to do list of your house
A book titled “Now That You Have Had A Home Inspection”
An invitation to contact Acer Home Inspections with any questions about your home


Why should I hire you as my Inspector?

Every inspection is important to us.  As homeowners ourselves we remember the ups and downs of the home buying experience. Acer Home Inspections is certified through InterNACHI and continue our education above and beyond what is required by InterNACHI.


Should I attend the inspection?

It is most beneficial for you to attend. You can ask us questions and we can give you maintenance tips as we inspect the house.  Even if you can only attend the end it is still a benefit.


How long does the inspection take?

Every home has different needs but it is normal to take about 3 hours. If more time is needed we will take the time needed to complete the inspection.


How much does an inspection cost?

Cost depends on a few factors including size and age of the home. It is more of an investment into your house saving you money through the life of your home.

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